CONTEST TIME: Be Featured In Our Next Comic / Book

CONTEST TIME! BE FEATURED IN OUR NEXT COMIC! Our latest comic, ROGUE FUN, is on free Kindle promo from Sept 26 – 30. We are looking for people to leave a reviews, as it really helps us out. Also, we are looking for ideas on what show or movie to parody next? Star Trek, Skylanders, we’re looking for ideas! What’s more if you leave a review we are going to put your name into a random draw. If we pick YOUR name, you will be a character in our next book / comic? Sound fun? If you leave a review make sure you comment below or send us a message directly so we can add your name to our promo contest. Good Luck!

Diary Of A Friendly Creeper 3: Hobby Hunting Is Now Available This Week For Only $0.99!

Our illustrated short story “Diary Of A Friendly Creeper 3: Hobby Hunting” is available on Kindle this week for only $0.99! Now is your chance to pick up this delightful book on the cheap. As always, if you like our story please consider leaving a review on Amazon as it really helps us out. Here’s the link: