Diary of a Minecrafting Steve – Herobrine and The Wall – Day 1

(Note: This short story is based on our ‘Diary Of A Minecraft Steve Series’)

Day 1

Minecraft Steve writing in his diary.

Dear Diary

I did it, Diary. I finished the last diary and here we are all fresh and new again. Yay! I hope that means a lot of good stuff happening, and I also hope, as only you know, Diary, that Herobrine finds someone else to occupy his evil time.

I don’t think he will give up on me that easily. I guess it’s great that everyone still thinks I’m the best builder and the hero guy around here, but honestly, I’m not sure I’m enjoying the fame anymore.

I mean, how are they going to protect themselves if I’m not around? This worries me. Anything might attack, Endermen, Creepers, Spiders, Skeletons, and Zombies. Minecraft is a pretty cool place but there’s a lot to be afraid of here too.

I’m always thinking about all the things that could happen, Diary. I know that each time things turn out fine and it’s silly to let things get to me, but what if I can’t fix it all one day?

I can’t take care of everyone all the time, right? Besides, it does get a little boring. Okay, I admitted it. It’s boring being the hero and protector when nothing happens. I’m not perfect, okay?

Diary, you know I can’t let my friends know this. You’re the only one I can tell.

Sorry Diary, I’ll be back later with something happy. I can hear Charlie and Felicia talking outside. It still makes me smile to have a talking chicken as a friend. Charlie is mostly cool.

I’m lucky to also have Felicia here, it’s always nice to have another human builder around who understands the pressures and the awesomeness of the Minecraft world. I better go see what they’re up to for the day. I’ll get back as soon as I can. I have a feeling that today is going to bring a few surprises.

I’m having a few ideas about how I can protect this city more when I’m not here but I’ll have to go and ask a few questions first because I’ll need a lot of cobblestone and quite a bit of obsidian and that isn’t easy to get. I need to go just out of the city and find a good place to start a mine. I hope Charlie and Felicia want to come and help me.

Talk soon, Diary.

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