Diary of a Minecrafting Steve – Herobrine and The Wall – Day 3

(Note: This short story is based on our ‘Diary Of A Minecraft Steve Series’)

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Day 3

Day 3

Dear Diary

Ow, my legs are about to drop off. We haven’t walked that far from the city but we’ve walked up hills and down valleys following the streams and rivers. I don’t think I’ve ever walked so far and Charlie had to be carried half of the way.

He did a lot of complaining but Felicia kept a smiling face and made us laugh a lot. When Friendly Creeper turned up Charlie laughed a lot more with him.

Diary, I think they have a special bond because they are both from Minecraft land and both a little different to how they’re meant to be. Chickens shouldn’t talk like we do and Creepers definitely shouldn’t be friendly to anyone or anything.

I built us three tents with Felicia’s help and I’d brought stuff to make torches for each of us. Our packs were full and we knew with plenty of light and a creeper to scare things off, we should be safe tonight. I hope so, Diary, because my heart is pounding from more than the exercise.

If Herobrine turned up while we were here alone I wasn’t sure what he’d do. Diary, you know what I mean. I’ve heard he can be dangerous and not just wreck things. Now, I can’t stop yawning. We’re all keeping torches in our tents and we’ll get up as soon as day breaks. Goodnight Diary.

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