Diary of a Minecrafting Steve – Herobrine and The Wall – Day 5

(Note: This short story is based on our ‘Diary Of A Minecraft Steve Series’)

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Day 5

Day 5

Dear Diary

Nothing to report for yesterday. I was so tired last night and we’re back closer to the city again, I just fell asleep. So I’m sorry I didn’t tell you all about our long trek and that I think we’ve found the perfect place to start the mine. It’s all good news so far, there’s water from a stream and the edge of the city is in sight.

We’re behind the city here and I’ve had reports sent through from the Mayor that everything is peaceful. FC has left us to go and find out what he can about Herobrine and I’m going to start building the mine downwards through the stone. I hoped there was a lot of it because I needed plenty of cobblestone. I hope even more, Diary, that there is lava beneath and not too far down.

If there isn’t lava then I can’t make the Obsidian and I need the lower three bricks of my wall to be made from that, and I have a lot of wall to do. What am I thinking, Diary? I can’t do all this on my own. Even with the help of Felicia, an excellent builder herself, and the help of a talking chicken and FC, there’s no way this fence will be done before Herobrine gets the chance to destroy it on me.

I’m fighting a losing battle and I should just give up right now. I think I will. I’ll stay in the city and build some underground chambers everyone can flee into and lock when trouble comes.

I don’t know why I feel this way, Diary, and I wouldn’t admit it to anyone else, but the longer Herobrine doesn’t show up, the more nervous I get that he isn’t far away. And I think he’s going to be angrier and more damaging than ever.

He could be out there right now watching and waiting to ruin everything. It was like I could feel his white, evil eyes on me every minute. It’s no point even starting. I’ll pack up my gear and head back to the city. Sorry, Diary, I promised you an adventure but it’s not going to happen.

I know everyone believes I can build anything I decide to, but I know I can’t. I’ll have to look at other ways to take care of the city because I’m just not good enough to do this.

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