Diary of a Minecrafting Steve – Herobrine and The Wall – Day 11

(Note: This short story is based on our ‘Diary Of A Minecraft Steve Series’)

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Day 11

Day 11

Dear Diary

I can’t believe it’s been three whole days since I’ve written anything. Things have happened so fast. We have a half of the city now working the mine into an open cut to avoid cave-ins and also carting the cobblestone, iron, coal and anything else back to the city to be made into all sorts of things. No diamonds yet but you never know.

I had to come and let you know, and as a reminder to myself, how great this feels, that we made our first fifty bricks of Obsidian today and laid our first foundation stones for the wall. The loudest cheer I’ve ever heard and a bunch of the guys put me up on their shoulders and marched me around.

It’s them doing most of the work and that is creating more work and the city is getting richer and richer. So many people have come and told me that being a part of protecting what’s theirs and share in the work has made them the happiest they’ve ever been

Diary, why didn’t I see this before? Why didn’t I see what was right before my eyes? I was so worried about them not being capable of looking after themselves that I never gave them the chance to do it.

They’ve organized themselves into shifts of watches during the day and nights, and even I feel safer. Yes, Diary, I think I was a little annoyed that the city might actually be able to survive without me. It made me feel a little less special for a short time. But I’m over that now.

The only way Herobrine will be able to get into this city will be by tunneling under the wall. He’d better be fast because I’m planning to pave inside the city grounds with Obsidian as well.

No one has been hurt and everyone is following the directions to be safe. I’m very proud of the city people, Diary. I’m also very proud of Charlie and Felicia and of FC who brings news back of Herobrine and Notch who are in a building war clear across the realm.

At this rate, with all these workers, we’ll have the wall built in another two weeks, then we can put on the overhang blocks along the top, the torches and make the steel doors and gates. After a rest week, we’ll get to work digging a wide moat. Then none of the mobs can get in if they come. Not one.

Only Herobrine and we might put a stop to him as well. It feels pretty good, Diary. Pretty good, for sure. I hope I can get back to write in you soon, and I hope it’s to tell exciting news of how we’re going and not about anything bad happening.

Even Charlie the talking chicken was being so clever and organizing groups to make sure everything ran smoothly and everyone who wasn’t working on the wall somehow still had things to do.

He kept the farmers going and made sure there was enough food for the city, and he even learned how to build a small shelter himself. I’ve never seen Charlie so proud. Also he’d come up with a great idea for feeding the farmed chickens making the trek around the chicken farms less often.

What he did was make…well, Diary he worked out how it could be done and asked someone with arms for help…solid food blocks packed with wheat and seeds. They lasted the chickens longer which left people more time to spend looking after the city and working on the wall with me.

I didn’t realize how clever Charlie is and now I feel bad about making him feel useless. I guess everything has its usefulness, Diary. We just have to find the thing they are good at and give them a little help. Right, I have to get some sleep because we’re laying Obsidian three blocks high all the way around tomorrow and we’re not stopping until it’s done.

Then it’s time for getting the cobblestone up high *yawn*….so tired, Diary. I’m out for now.

(This story will continue tomorrow!)

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