Diary of a Minecrafting Steve – Herobrine and The Wall – Day 15

(Note: This short story is based on our ‘Diary Of A Minecraft Steve Series’)

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Day 15

Dear Diary

I’m here to make a quick update, Diary. We’ve done it, at last. With four days’ work, the last layer of cobblestone is going on today and then I’ll be inspecting the whole thing and placing torches around the top. The light will keep us safe from the bad mobs that try to get into the city.

This is very exciting, Diary, and the people in the city are all very happy. We’ve made and put in huge iron gates and doors. There’s even quite a few more Iron Golems now to protect the people and their children. Once this wall is done, Diary, the city will be the best. I gotta go FC says Herobrine and Notch are close to finishing their challenge.

I don’t doubt he’ll be coming straight here, Diary. See ya.

Day 15 – 2

Dear Diary

I’m writing this in before I go out and get all the torches in place around the top of the wall. It’s an awesome structure. The best thing I’ve ever built here. It’s the thing I’m proudest of, along with the mine.

We really need a moat too, just to make it harder to cross or to make it harder to tunnel under. Going under is our biggest threat, but someone would really have to want to get in badly to do that. I can only think of one person who would consider doing that.

Okay, Diary. Felicia and I are going to get the final checks on the wall and torches done today. Better get going before she’s calling me.

(This story will continue tomorrow!)

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