Diary of a Minecrafting Steve – Herobrine and The Wall – Day 23

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Day 23


Wooo! It’s awesome the way Felicia and I fought off all the Ghasts. Okay, Diary, it was mostly Felicia and her unreal arrow skills. I can’t count the amount of times she sent those fireballs right back at them. We also got to collect some amazing loot once it was safe to go out. Here’s how it went…

“Don’t move yet.” Felicia held me back by the arm.

“I think we’re on solid ground.”

“You need to look carefully. It might be a ledge.”

“Okay. I never thought of that.”

“Disable the portal.” Felicia took a step forward and another.

“Wait. Let’s check if this is a good place and I’ll build a wall to cover. We need to get some cobblestone through before we turn it off.” I really didn’t want to let the portal go out, Diary. It felt good knowing I could just go back.

“You’re right. I’m so scared, I don’t think my mind is working right.” Felicia let out a deep breath. “Anyway, it looks good here. But we’re too much in the open and that leaves us in danger of – ”

“Fireball coming from left!” My screaming the words interrupted Felicia but they never stopped her being as quick as a flash with her arrow. That fireball went right back to where it came from.

“Wow! That was amazing…”

“Build the wall! We don’t know how many Ghasts there are.”

“Right. I grabbed some cobblestone to start. I opened the chest we’d managed to lug through with us. I’d build around the portal to protect it and give up some shelter. The Nether had an eerie glow. There was enough light to see but I wouldn’t call it bright.

I did know there were glow stone bricks here and I’d like to collect some to take home after we find Charlie and FC.

“How’s it going, Felicia?”

“So far just the one Ghast. He must have been a random one floating about.”

“How did you know about shooting the arrow and sending the fireball back?”

“You can do it with anything if you get it in the right place, even your fist although I don’t recommend it. If you don’t hit it just right, it can be fatal. But you can use an axe.”

“You’ve been here before?”

She nodded. “I was stuck here for a long time.”

Poor Felicia, Diary. She must’ve been so scared. No wonder she’s such a brave person…I kept building. The sooner she felt safe the better.

“I’m going for a short look. See if I can spot anything.”

“Be careful, Felicia.”

“I will. I know what I’m doing.”

“As soon as this is done, I’ll bring through the rest of our supplies and weapons. Then I’ll disable the portal.”

“Sure. Keep an eye out for anything. Just call me if you’re worried.” Felicia offered her help as always.

“I will.” I meant that. I’d stopped trying to do everything for myself. Teamwork was the way to go, Diary.

It was only a couple of hours and Felicia and I sat in out fort and ate the food we’d brought through. We were both starving from all the work we’d done. The portal was turned off and though Felicia hadn’t found any signs of Charlie and FC, she thought we were in a pretty good place.

“I might go explore a little further.” I said to Felicia. Of course, she wasn’t letting me go out alone.

“I had hoped that Charlie would be close, if this portal came close to where he landed.” Felicia told me.

“I think he’d look for safe shelter so let’s hope he found one not too far from here.”

I wish we could communicate with something here. Surely a creeper isn’t something you see every day here in the Nether.

“Doubtful we’ll get that lucky. Let’s just go look. Charlie is clever, he’d have known you would come find him.” Felicia fixed her bow and arrows on her back.

“I’m happy to know he didn’t land in a lava lake or anything.”

“Me too.”

Well, Diary, we didn’t find much and we needed some sleep and more food. So we came back in for a rest. Tomorrow, we’ll be taking plenty of supplies and widening or search. We will find them. I just hope nothing scary finds us and especially not Herobrine.

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