Diary of a Minecrafting Steve – Herobrine and The Wall – Day 27

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Day 27


Dear Diary

I’m so tired so I’m just going to give you a blow by blow recount on what happened. We’ll start with Felicia and I talking about what we’d do to find Charlie today.

“Minecraft Steve, how long are we going to stay here and look for Charlie and FC?” Felicia asked. She’d seemed a bit sad today.

“I’m not stopping until I find them.”

“We can’t stay here forever.”

“I can’t go and live back there knowing they’re in here somewhere waiting to be found. It’s because of me they’re here.”

“But without you, none of us would have found each other and been friends so knowing you isn’t all bad.” She was teasing to cheer me up, and herself, I think. It had been ages since we’d relaxed and had some fun.

“I’ve been thinking. The safest place for Charlie to wait for us would be with other chickens. If Herobrine came looking he wouldn’t know it was Charlie if he didn’t speak. FC could go into hiding anywhere and never be found, you know how he is. But he’d be somewhere he could keep an eye on Charlie and wait for us.”

That made a lot of sense to me, Diary. More sense than anything else we’d come with so far.

“So we need to find some chickens, and not ones with Baby Zombie Pigmen riding them.”

“But that might be a good place to start.” Felicia smiled.

“No sign of Herobrine either. I keep expecting him to be everywhere.”

“Maybe that’s his game this time. Keep you worried about it.”

“This is where I miss FC. No one can get info on Herobrine like he can.” We were all such a great team together.

“We better go find them then and we can all go home.”

We walked back the way we’d gone when we’d seen the chicken jockeys. It was quite a way. The furthest we’d been yet but we had a lot of good supplies with us.

“Over there.” Felicia pointed and I saw a Chicken Jockey run past. I still had to smile.

“Let’s go and look over that ridge there.” I could see what looked like a small hill in the shorter distance. “Maybe there’s something over it.”

“It’s risky but we have to do it.” Felicia marched off towards the ridge. “Watch the uneven ground.”

I already was. It was hard to see holes and such. Once we got up the small ridge we looked over the other side.

“Yay! There’s heaps of chickens down there. Charlie is bound to be there.”

“There’s heaps of Zombie Pigmen as well.” I was a little worried.

“Just don’t accidentally hit one and we’ll be fine.”

“Still makes me nervous.”

“Do you want to find Charlie and FC or not?”

“Of course I do.”

The ground evened out as we got closer and we walked through the Zombie Pigmen towards the biggest group of chickens. “Charlie. Charlie, are you here?”

“Minecraft Steve! Felicia! It’s about time you got here.” A familiar looking chicken came flapping up to us. “Hahahaha. I was joking. Thanks so much for coming. I was beginning to think I was a normal chicken again and you don’t know how much I was worried that one of those weird baby creatures was going to start riding me.”

“Charlie!” Felicia and I both cried out together.

“Oh, Man, it’s so good to see you.” I ruffled his tail feathers the way I knew he hate. “You’re my best friend and don’t you ever disappear on me again. My life sucks without you.” I gave him a one-armed hug.

“I’ve been telling you that for ages.” He gave his odd little chicken-laugh.

“Where’s FC?”

“Off finding out information. You know him. He’ll find us before we go back. Have you got a portal?”

“Yeah. We built another close to where you went through and it hooked up close to where you landed.”


The Zombie Pigmen milled around us and went about doing not much except get in our way. I noticed that there seemed a whole lot more of them than before. “We better get out of here. If we accidentally hit one of these Pigmen, they’ll all attack us.”

I looked around and Felicia was already halfway back through the pack. “Right behind you, Felicia.”

She turned to wave and I saw an awful look on her face, Diary.

“Look out behind you!”

“Too late, Minecraft Steve.” That chilling voice was Herobrine.

“Run, Charlie, follow Felicia.”

Charlie took off. Chickens certainly had speed. I was about to turn and face Herobrine ready to fight him when he grabbed my arm from behind.

“This is going to be such fun. Let’s play with the pigmen.”

I was no match for Herobrine’s strength with his two hands on my one arm and quick as a flash, he pushed my arm out and smashed the nearest Zombie Pigman in the face a few times.

“Bye, Minecraft Steve. You can thank me later for all the fun.” I began to back away from the advancing pigmen and Herobrine had just disappeared

“Run, Minecraft Steve. Draw your sword and run as you hit them. I’ll shoot arrows from here and clear a path for you.” Felicia yelled out to me and though it seemed an impossible task in a sea of attacking Zombie Pigman, I did my best anyway. If I was going down, I was going down fighting.

We never gave up, Diary, and that’s why I’m here at home, writing in you again. Herobrine tricked me good and proper but with the help of FC running through the mob of Zombie Pigmen and knocking many of them down, as well as them thinking he was going to explode, Felicia’s excellent arrow skills, and Charlie’s fast running to keep himself from being trampled, we all got back home safely.

I don’t ever want to do that again, Diary. For the next few days we’ll be relaxing here in our safe city and enjoying our friendship. So good to have the gang all back together again.

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