Diary Of A Friendly Creeper – Bashes And Bullies Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: March 3nd

Diary Of A Friendly Creeper 2

This is awful. I really never thought this would happen. But on the other hand, how could it not? I never moved. I should’ve expected this to happen, but why now of all days?

I truly love the friends I have. They make me laugh. They care about me and encourage me. They’ve been one of the best things to happen to me. All of them. But I didn’t always have such people around me. I truly cherish them and don’t ever want to lose them. But he’s back. Troy is back.

I was walking with Charlie and discussing all the rides I wanted to take with him when we’re at the waterpark.

“Long time no see,” an unfamiliar voice said to me. But as soon as I turned around, I wish I hadn’t.

“Troy…” I said slowly. There was nothing else I could think about saying. He looked the same as he had in school. A big, green Creeper with deep dark eyes and the same confident grin he always had. There was no mistaking it. Troy was standing in front of me. In front of my friend. And there was nothing I could do about it.

“How have you been?” he asked, a little too cheerfully. There was an edge to his voice which unnerved me. It was the same sweetness he used in front of others before. When he told the teachers how I had cheated off of him.

I replied with a “Fine, and you?” I didn’t want to create a scene in front of Charlie. Charlie and my other friends did not know about Troy and everything he had done. Even though I shared a lot with my friends, I didn’t want to relive this part of my past with them. It was just embarrassing. And in the past. I had intended to keep it that way. After all, it would never interfere with my present life, right?

“Who’s this?” asked Troy looking over to Charlie. I smiled and introduced the two. It wasn’t something I wanted to do, but there was nothing else that could be done. After all, we just met after all these years, and there’s nothing more to it. Being polite was the right thing to do here. We were going to go our separate ways, and that would be that.

“Oh, I heard you made some non-Creeper friends… Some Minecraft humans as well. You were always a strange one,” he commented in a peculiar, disinterested tone.

“Yeah, they’re really great. I love my friends. They’re amazing, and they really support me through everything. I’m so lucky to have friends like them,” things just spilled out of my mouth. I didn’t intend to speak any of that. Not to him. But I couldn’t resist telling him how important my friends were to me.

“That’s good to know,” Troy smiled and said the last thing I wanted to hear from him. “So, you’re going to the waterpark, huh?” His question left me dumbfounded. I didn’t know what to say and just kept quiet. Charlie replied for me instead, “Yeah, you should come as well. We’re all meeting up on the 5th around 4.”

Troy seemed a little confused but looked into my eyes before replying with a “For sure. I’ll be there.”

I can’t believe I’ll be meeting Troy again. This wasn’t how my birthday was supposed to go. I can’t blame Charlie; he doesn’t know the kind of person Troy is, and I hadn’t explained to him everything that happened.

What can I tell my friends anyway? Troy had been in my school and my already brief time there was made quite difficult by him.

On one of my first days, my parents found that taking the Minecart Train to school might help me adjust to the creeper environment, and I might make a few friends. The day I joined the cart proved otherwise. I had a bucket of milk that my mother gave me for lunch; and while I was getting off of the train, my leg caught on one of the Minecarts, and I fell over. Spilling the entire bucket on Troy and another female creeper. The girl had forgiven me as I apologized, but I had completely drenched Troy in milk. He couldn’t forgive me that easily. He told me I needed to properly apologize to him. I made him look bad. It was my mistake for being so clumsy.

He made me sit near him every Minecart ride to school and always made fun of me for being interested in non-Creeper things. He said he was my friend, but I didn’t feel like one. I really did try to be his friend. I tried to keep him happy and be fun around him, but nothing was enough. I always felt bad. Everyone told me he was just trying to be my friend, and I need to be more patient. I did try, or at least I did think I was. But I was just an awkward kid. Still am in a lot of ways.

To be honest, I don’t think I was his friend ever. Especially if you look at my current friends. They’ve never talked to me the way he had. They never poke fun at me and make me feel bad. My current friends showed me a completely different side of friendship than the one he did. I much prefer that side. He said I’d make it up to him if I finished up his homework, but it was never good enough. He’d actually call me in front of his friends to make fun of how bad I was at being a traditional creeper. How could I tell my current friends how much I messed up around him?

I even started walking to school without telling my parents. It was great being out in the open for a while—away from all the creepers—but Troy started following me with his friends and asked me to scare non-Creepers we encountered on the day. I never did, but I could never stop him from doing so. I left him behind as I left behind the school and all the memories associated with that place. I couldn’t tell Charlie all this. Nor the others, especially after I arrived at Steve’s later that day.

I did want to cancel the waterpark trip. Maybe staying at home for a birthday wouldn’t be so bad. After all, I just needed my friends around me to have a blast. But everyone was so excited about the trip. Steve had built us a boat to ride down waterfalls; Felicia was finding ingredients to make a large cake and Charlie was just generally excited about it. I couldn’t cancel it now. Everyone was looking forward to it so much. Maybe Troy was just being nice and friendly towards Charlie. Maybe he won’t really show up. Why would he, right?

I hope he doesn’t.

To Be Continued Next Sunday!

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