Diary Of A Friendly Creeper – Bashes And Bullies Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: March 4nd

Diary Of A Friendly MInecraft Creeper

You know those times when you meet someone, and you just can’t stop running into them? I’m going through that.

I met Troy again. I don’t know if he’s following me or if it’s just some weird fate, but this time, I was with Steve. He looked at Steve in a funny manner when he bumped into us, but smiled and asked: “You must be his human friend?”

“Yeah, I am,” Steve spoke in a cool manner. It was a definite coolness I could never muster. I was so hopeless and could never do anything right. Even speak to Troy in a calm manner. Steve really helped me feel better at that moment, though. He went on to tell Troy “He’s one of my best friends, and I’m really lucky to have him with me. He feels like family and he’s one heck of a creeper.”

It meant a lot my friend felt this way about me. It made me feel confident through our friendship, but then… I was in front of Troy.

“Yeah, he was always different,” Troy chuckled, “We studied in school together, and he was always standing out. I had real fun with him.”

Fun. Is that what he thought? I was speechless for a while before blurting out, “I wasn’t fun!”

Never meant to say it out loud. Steve and Troy looked a little startled. Troy turned his head down and chuckled a “Well; I suppose I thought you were.”

There was an awkward silence. I wanted to move, but Steve just stood there. Troy, while still looking down, said “Do you want to hang out for a bit? You know, when you’re free? Like tomorrow maybe? I was getting together with a few friends. You know, catching up on some fun. Around evening. You can come along if you’d like.”

The question was directed at me. There was no denying it. He was asking me whether I wanted to hang out with him. We’ve never hung out. Why would he want to hang out when he still thinks I’m weird? I would probably just give him another reason to make fun of me. My clumsiness hasn’t changed over the years.

Just last week I sneezed and exploded a side of Steve’s castle. I’m lucky Steve loves to build so much. And that’s the thing; my friends are understanding. They don’t fault me for being clumsy. I don’t know how Troy would react if I did something like that. I can’t hang out with him. I just can’t. It would just be like reliving through the mess school was.

“I… I need to hang out with Steve tomorrow.” That was the only excuse I could think of. It probably did seem like an excuse, but no matter. Not like Troy actually wanted me to be there. He always said like how I was no fun. That I bored him when he came to play. In all honesty, Steve and I hadn’t planned on spending the day together. We all usually met up and were going to, but there was nothing stopping me from actually hanging out with Troy. Except Troy himself, that is. It wasn’t as though he’d really miss catching up with me. Anyways I knew even without an agreement; Steve would back me up, and he surely did.

“Yeah, I need his help with some building.” You could also count on Steve.

“Ah, alright.” His words actually sounded a little disappointed. It made me feel bad, but this was for the best. I probably would’ve done something embarrassing had I went with him.

“I better get going then,” he had said before turning towards his destination, “See you at your party.”

His last line turned me speechless again. He had left, but I felt like he also took my birthday’s excitement away with him. I wanted to enjoy my birthday my friends, and I had planned for weeks now. We were talking about all the things we were going to do, all the crazy fun memories we’ll make. I always felt so different around Troy, and this wasn’t something that made me look forward to my birthday. Even my friends might see how pathetic I was in front of Troy if he came. But there was nothing I could do…

Steve began to say something, but was interrupted when Felicia’s voice came from behind, “Why’re we standing outside?”

And that was the end of that entire scene. We all went inside Steve’s house and were joined by Charlie. They all discussed how amazing the waterpark would be, but I couldn’t get myself excited anymore. Troy’s appearance wasn’t something I wanted.

To Be Continued Next Sunday!

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