Diary Of A Friendly Creeper – Bashes And Bullies Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: March 5nd

Diary Of A Friendly Creeper

I was really close to being okay with Troy coming to the party. I really was. It was even a prospect that excited me for a time. When I arrived at Steve’s place today, he told me the others weren’t coming and added: “I actually need to talk to you.”

That didn’t sound good, I thought to myself. I figured the trip might be canceled. A part of me wanted that since I wasn’t okay with Troy coming with us. It wouldn’t be so bad. All I cared was about having fun with my friends and if they couldn’t make it, then so be it. Not like we couldn’t celebrate it some other day. I almost blurted out acceptance of our canceled trip, but Steve spoke before me.

“Yesterday… You seemed pretty distraught when Troy showed up. Are you alright?” He asked in such an understanding tone. I couldn’t speak for a few seconds. Only look down at the floor. Looking back up, I could only see what a loving friend I had. And then it all came pouring out.

“No. I’m not okay. Troy wasn’t just someone I knew at school. He always made me feel so odd. I accidentally spilled milk on him and had to do so much for him to forgive me. He never had fun with me. That was a lie. He just made fun of how clumsy I was. I couldn’t hang out with him yesterday because he wouldn’t understand me like you guys do. You guys never make fun of my weird habits or my mistakes. I’m lucky to have friends like you, Felicia and Charlie.”

Steve listened patiently as I went on and on, discussing all the things I had to go through. He didn’t interrupt and even gave encouraging smiles as I talked. It felt nice.

After I was done, I asked: “Do you think I’m a bad person for not wanting him to be there?”

“No,” he answered calmly, “You’re not a bad person. And you’re not a clumsy person. You make mistakes, just like the rest of us. Remember when I accidentally poured lava on Felicia’s couch?”

“Yeah,” I giggled remembering that. Felicia was pretty mad at him for carrying lava in a bucket around the house.

“Just like that. None of us are free from making mistakes. Even Troy. I bet he’s made a few mistakes himself.” I probably knew this deep down, but for some reason, it never occurred to me. Troy probably made mistakes in his life as well. But none like me, I’m sure. He was a confident, cool creeper. If he made the mistakes I had, he wouldn’t be considered so cool.

Steve probably sensed what I was thinking and said, “Some people just deal with their mistakes differently. You blame yourself, while Troy might blame others. From what you’re telling me, Troy seems like a bully. I don’t know how he got this way and there is a definite reason for it, but he bullied you in school. You should know that even if you don’t do anything about it.”

“Bullied?” it never really occurred to me before. I never liked hanging out with him, but I had always considered it my fault.

“In all honesty, he might not know it himself. Not fully at least. He might think he was just pushing you around and helping you have fun. It’s silly, but people are sometimes like that. You shouldn’t feel down about it. He seemed pretty awkward while talking to you. You should stop blaming yourself, though. It’s been years, and you both have grown. Maybe it’s time to put the past in the past. Try to bury the hatchet and move on with him. He seemed to want to hang out with you. You should forgive others for what they’ve done since they can change over time, like you have. You were so shy around others, and now you’re such a confident creeper. You should give others the benefit of the doubt as well. And maybe even Troy might surprise you.”

I don’t think I completely believed him in that instance. But his words really made sense to me, and I thanked Steve for his advice. It was one of those things best friends do that really sets them apart. I don’t think I could understand what I went through if I hadn’t talked to him. For me, his explanation filled in the pieces I was missing all this time. They really did make a difference, but Troy hasn’t changed. He is no different than the time I met him at school. The years have not made him better and he probably just wanted to bully me again.

I had gone to find him. To tell him I’d love to hang out with him some time and I was excited to have him there for my birthday. But as soon as I saw him in the woods with his friends, my opinion changed.

Most of them were standing in a circle, telling a young creeper how he’s not “fun.” While Troy stood at a distance, probably taking a break from the bullying. He had said that same thing to me when I was at school, so I now understood what it looked like.

I don’t know where I got this burst of courage from. My conversation with Steve had really pumped me up so maybe I discovered my courage from it. But I marched up to Troy and his buddies and told them to stop. I said they were bullies, and they should leave that young creeper alone if they didn’t want him to be there. The young creeper seemed relieved and left. Troy, on the other hand, looked absolutely flabbergasted. But I don’t care if he thought I was weird or didn’t like that I stood up to him. Nobody should go through bullying, and I was in a position to help someone else, and I’m really glad I did. Before I left, I told Troy I never wanted to see him. At least now I can have some carefree fun with my friends and not care about a bully from my past.

Diary Of A Friendly Creeper

To Be Continued Next Sunday!

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