Our Books

At Funny Comics we primarily produce illustrated short stories and comics. Below is a list of the illustrated short stories we’ve made, all of which are available from Amazon on kindle and in paperback form.


In this illustrated short story series the Friendly Creeper is a bit of an outcast. Despite the fact that he is creeper he doesn’t share his brethren’s desire to scare people. All he wants to do is make friends! Follow his journey as he tries to show that there can be more to creepers than being scary!

Friendly Creeper

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How To Train Your Ender Dragon Series

Steve Montgomery is your typical 15 year old with 15 year old problems. The biggest of which is that he is often bullied by a group of kids that includes his own brother. Steve has something that most other kids don’t have, however, for he has the power to summon dragons. After he is literally strung up a flagpole by his tormentors Steve meets a magical dragon who not only saves him but whisks him away to the magical world of Minecraft. However once he arrives there he soon learns that other dangers exist besides school bullies. …

Ender Dragon

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The Adventures Of Fartman Series

In this series of illustrated short stories you will thrill to the adventures of Minecraft’s greatest hero, Fartman! Armed only with the power of his farts read along as Fartman works to protect his home and friends from the schemes of the evil Enderman!

Steve has a problem. He farts. He farts like no one has ever farted. He farts so badly that it’s hard for him to make friends or even hold a job. However when the village he lives in is threatened by the nefarious Enderman Steve starts to see his farting curse as a potential gift. Read this story and witness as he transforms himself from mild mannered Steve into the mighty Fart Man!

Fart Man

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Diary Of A Misunderstood Herobrine Series

Everyone knows Herobrine is the villain in Minecraft, but was it always this way? What’s more, how did Herobrine get this way to begin with? In this illustrated short story Herobrine tells all from his perspective. At first he really only wanted to build things and help people. However, everyone he meets just won’t accept him at his word. Maybe being a bad guy isn’t that bad after all?


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Diary Of A Minecrafting Steve Series

Minecraft Steve arrives in a new village and it’s everything he hopes it will be. He wants to be a builder, and this village needs building! What’s more everyone looks up to Steve as he doesn’t appear to be afraid of anything, although deep down Steve knows this isn’t true. He’s actually afraid of many things, especially zombies! This doesn’t concern him very much until he learns that a bunch of zombies may have kidnapped his friend. Can Steve find the courage to overcome his fears, or will he lose his friend forever? Read this engaging illustrated short story to find out!

Minecrafting Steve

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The Funny Comics Minecraft Colouring Book!

Only available in paperback for obvious reasons, this is a colouring book we created based on our Funny Comics characters. Children of all ages are sure to love it!

Minecraft Colouring Book

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