Steve’s Comic Adventures

Our “Steve’s Comic Adventures” series are full colour comics that parody other well known stories. In them Minecraft Steve and friends are constantly bothered by Herobrine, who is determined to ruin their fun anyway he can. When Herobrine hatches one of his many plots it is up to Minecraft Steve to stop him, but how? This is why Steve uses the power of his imagination, putting himself, Walter Mitty like, into other stories where he is able to find the courage and means to defeat Herobrine. Some of the stories parodied in this series include Star Wars, Batman, Frozen and the Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles. Please note that we are currently working on converting this series from Kindle to full coloured paperback comics. At first we did not do this as full coloured paperback are expensive to produce, meaning we have to sell them at $9.97 (vs. $6.97 if we were to publish them in black and white). However, our fans have asked that we make them available in this format, so we will. Below are a listing of some of the comics in this popular series as well as examples of the art styles used. Click HERE to view the entire series on Amazon. 

Minecraft: Steve Adventures – Your Princes Is In Another Castle

The only thing Minecraft Steve wanted to do was have a picnic with his friends Felicia, Friendly Creeper and Charlie the Chicken. His plans are thrown into chaos, however, when his arch rival Herobrine kidnaps Felicia! Can Minecraft Steve channel his inner Super Mario to find the courage to rescue her? Read this fully illustrated comic to find out!

Your Princess Is In Another Castle

Below is an example of the artwork from this comic. Note that the artwork style is different in this book than our other comics.

Mario Example

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Minecraft: Steve Adventures: The Wizard Of IZ

Minecraft Steve was having a snooze in the forest when the villainous Herobrine ties him to a horse. Upon waking he finds himself in the magical land of IZ. Can Steve and his companions get to the Wizard Of Iz in time so that he can get back home and stop Herobrine? Read this fully illustrated comic and find out!

Wizard Of Iz

Below is a sample image from the comic. For this comic we used actual stills from the game itself.

Wizard Of Iz

Click HERE to view “The Wizard Of IZ” on Amazon.

Minecraft: Steve Adventures: Jurassic Block

Minecraft Steve and Felicia have worked very hard to create a petting zoo. When their backs are turned however the nefarious Herobrine opens the latches to the pens and all of the animals escape! This reminds Steve of another story in which animals in the form of dinosaurs escape, namely Jurassic Park! Can Steve find the knowledge he needs from his imagination to defeat Herobrine in the real world? Read this fully illustrated comic to find out!

Jurassic Block

Below is an example of the artwork from this comic. With the exception of our Star Wars parody (which used actual in game images much like “The Wizard Of Iz”) this art style is what we have used for the rest of our comics.

Jurassic Block

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