Comic Promotion!

Our parody comic of The Force Awakens is going to be on promotion on Amazon Kindle from November 8 – 13 for only $0.99 (regular price $2.99). If you like the comic reviews on Amazon are always appreciated! Also, as always, this comic is free on Kindle for those of you with Kindle Unlimited. Thanks!

Click HERE to view this comic on Amazon.

Cover for The Farce Awakens
Cover for The Farce Awakens

Attack On The Death Square

Currently we are working on publishing some of our Kindle Comics into paperback form. The first book we have published is our Star Wars parody “Attack On The Death Square”. Please note that the reason for the $9.97 price (as opposed to $6.97 for our other books) is due to the fact that this comic is in colour. We could sell it for $6.97 if we published it in black and white, but who wants a black and white comic book? Click HERE to view the comic on Amazon. 

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