How To Train Your Ender Dragon 4 – Enemy Kin has been released!

How To Train Your Ender Dragon 4
How To Train Your Ender Dragon 4

We’re very excited to announce that the latest book in our “How To Train Your Ender Dragon” series has just gone live on Amazon. In it we continue the story from part 3 and answer such questions as what happened to Robyn and Baya and who caused the fire that engulfed them? Click HERE to view this book on Amazon. 

Below is a sample chapter from this book:

Chapter 1 – Good News!

Mavrose is alive!

This is the most wonderful news I have ever received! My dragon is alive and well and she will soon come back to me! I cannot wait to see her again!

Remember how I told you that she went missing after the fire in which she saved Baya’s life? It’s been exactly two days and six hours since then – yes, I have been counting! Every moment that I am not connected to my beloved, stupid, grumpy dragon is torture. So I’ve literally been counting down!

The two days since then have not been easy; Baya was laid up with the Healers for a long, long time and I had my own problems to handle, namely the Shahleigh and that idiot Fergus.

But then Mavrose and I finally reconnected! We managed to mentally sync up again! In fact, she is talking to me right now, insisting that I write her side of the story down first before I tell you what I have been up to these past couple of days. She wants to make sure that there is a record of every thing, of evidence against Liesel should something go wrong.

(Idiot dragon is as pessimistic as she is grumpy, but I suppose I see where she is coming from. This will be proof to present to the Shahleigh later, just in case.)

Oh that is right… you don’t know who Liesel is.

Well, let Mavrose tell you. And then I’ll tell you what I was doing while she was gone.

This is what has been happening.

This book is currently available on Kindle and will soon be available in paperback form. Here’s the link again to view the book on Amazon – We hope you enjoy the book and, as always, if you liked the book reviews on Amazon are always appreciated! Now, if you’ll pardon us we have to get back to work on book 5!