Diary of a Minecrafting Steve – Herobrine and The Wall – Day 27

(Note: This short story is based on our ‘Diary Of A Minecraft Steve Series’. Click HERE to view these books on Amazon)

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Day 27


Dear Diary

I’m so tired so I’m just going to give you a blow by blow recount on what happened. We’ll start with Felicia and I talking about what we’d do to find Charlie today.

“Minecraft Steve, how long are we going to stay here and look for Charlie and FC?” Felicia asked. She’d seemed a bit sad today.

“I’m not stopping until I find them.”

“We can’t stay here forever.”

“I can’t go and live back there knowing they’re in here somewhere waiting to be found. It’s because of me they’re here.”

“But without you, none of us would have found each other and been friends so knowing you isn’t all bad.” She was teasing to cheer me up, and herself, I think. It had been ages since we’d relaxed and had some fun.

“I’ve been thinking. The safest place for Charlie to wait for us would be with other chickens. If Herobrine came looking he wouldn’t know it was Charlie if he didn’t speak. FC could go into hiding anywhere and never be found, you know how he is. But he’d be somewhere he could keep an eye on Charlie and wait for us.”

That made a lot of sense to me, Diary. More sense than anything else we’d come with so far.

“So we need to find some chickens, and not ones with Baby Zombie Pigmen riding them.”

“But that might be a good place to start.” Felicia smiled.

“No sign of Herobrine either. I keep expecting him to be everywhere.”

“Maybe that’s his game this time. Keep you worried about it.”

“This is where I miss FC. No one can get info on Herobrine like he can.” We were all such a great team together.

“We better go find them then and we can all go home.”

We walked back the way we’d gone when we’d seen the chicken jockeys. It was quite a way. The furthest we’d been yet but we had a lot of good supplies with us.

“Over there.” Felicia pointed and I saw a Chicken Jockey run past. I still had to smile.

“Let’s go and look over that ridge there.” I could see what looked like a small hill in the shorter distance. “Maybe there’s something over it.”

“It’s risky but we have to do it.” Felicia marched off towards the ridge. “Watch the uneven ground.”

I already was. It was hard to see holes and such. Once we got up the small ridge we looked over the other side.

“Yay! There’s heaps of chickens down there. Charlie is bound to be there.”

“There’s heaps of Zombie Pigmen as well.” I was a little worried.

“Just don’t accidentally hit one and we’ll be fine.”

“Still makes me nervous.”

“Do you want to find Charlie and FC or not?”

“Of course I do.”

The ground evened out as we got closer and we walked through the Zombie Pigmen towards the biggest group of chickens. “Charlie. Charlie, are you here?”

“Minecraft Steve! Felicia! It’s about time you got here.” A familiar looking chicken came flapping up to us. “Hahahaha. I was joking. Thanks so much for coming. I was beginning to think I was a normal chicken again and you don’t know how much I was worried that one of those weird baby creatures was going to start riding me.”

“Charlie!” Felicia and I both cried out together.

“Oh, Man, it’s so good to see you.” I ruffled his tail feathers the way I knew he hate. “You’re my best friend and don’t you ever disappear on me again. My life sucks without you.” I gave him a one-armed hug.

“I’ve been telling you that for ages.” He gave his odd little chicken-laugh.

“Where’s FC?”

“Off finding out information. You know him. He’ll find us before we go back. Have you got a portal?”

“Yeah. We built another close to where you went through and it hooked up close to where you landed.”


The Zombie Pigmen milled around us and went about doing not much except get in our way. I noticed that there seemed a whole lot more of them than before. “We better get out of here. If we accidentally hit one of these Pigmen, they’ll all attack us.”

I looked around and Felicia was already halfway back through the pack. “Right behind you, Felicia.”

She turned to wave and I saw an awful look on her face, Diary.

“Look out behind you!”

“Too late, Minecraft Steve.” That chilling voice was Herobrine.

“Run, Charlie, follow Felicia.”

Charlie took off. Chickens certainly had speed. I was about to turn and face Herobrine ready to fight him when he grabbed my arm from behind.

“This is going to be such fun. Let’s play with the pigmen.”

I was no match for Herobrine’s strength with his two hands on my one arm and quick as a flash, he pushed my arm out and smashed the nearest Zombie Pigman in the face a few times.

“Bye, Minecraft Steve. You can thank me later for all the fun.” I began to back away from the advancing pigmen and Herobrine had just disappeared

“Run, Minecraft Steve. Draw your sword and run as you hit them. I’ll shoot arrows from here and clear a path for you.” Felicia yelled out to me and though it seemed an impossible task in a sea of attacking Zombie Pigman, I did my best anyway. If I was going down, I was going down fighting.

We never gave up, Diary, and that’s why I’m here at home, writing in you again. Herobrine tricked me good and proper but with the help of FC running through the mob of Zombie Pigmen and knocking many of them down, as well as them thinking he was going to explode, Felicia’s excellent arrow skills, and Charlie’s fast running to keep himself from being trampled, we all got back home safely.

I don’t ever want to do that again, Diary. For the next few days we’ll be relaxing here in our safe city and enjoying our friendship. So good to have the gang all back together again.

Diary of a Minecrafting Steve – Herobrine and The Wall – Day 25

(Note: This short story is based on our ‘Diary Of A Minecraft Steve Series’. Click HERE to view these books on Amazon)

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Day 25

Dear Diary

No more feathers today. I’m so sad. I had my hopes very high thinking I’d be seeing my friends today for sure. But I didn’t. Tomorrow we will go out in another direction from the portal room we have. Maybe the feathers got moved from the real trail and there’s more out there somewhere.

I just think it makes sense that Charlie would try and signal us somehow. What really worries me is that Herobrine has already been here and found them first. Felicia say that thinking like that won’t help. She’s right. I know. It’s just hard sometimes to believe in the best.

I guess all we can do is pop back through the portal for more supplies and then come back and keep on looking. I’ll never give up on them.

Day 26


It’s almost time to go out again, Diary. I didn’t write much yesterday and I just wanted to say that I’m hoping so hard that we get a good lead on Charlie today. I’m really, really worried that he and FC have met with something awful and we won’t ever be able to bring them home again.

I never got the chance to tell Charlie how much I love him. I did have lots of chances but you know, no one talks about their feelings, Diary. It’s just the way it is. But if I never see Charlie again I just wanted it on record that I do love and miss the little guy. A lot. There. I said it. Oh, and Friendly Creeper…you’ve been an awesome friend.

I mean, really, really awesome. Creepers are the bad guys; you know? All that running at things and blowing up. I know, it’s what they do and it’s nothing personal, FC taught me that, but it’s very inconvenient all the same…anyway…FC you’re a stand up dude who knows the true meaning of friendship. Who else who throw themselves in the Nether to help a friend out? Love ya, man.

Time to go, Diary. Talk soon.

Well, diary, I’m back. Just. If I’d known what was waiting out there I may not have gone out to look for Charlie and FC. Okay, I still would have. Would’ve been much easier to get through a Blaze attack and a skeleton attack, and just when I thought I’d found Charlie at last, I discover these weird little critters called Chicken Jockeys. Baby Zombie Pigmen riding around on chickens which did not look as cute as you’d think it might, Diary.

Seriously weird, Diary, and very disappointing. I saw chickens and I was sure Charlie would be there somewhere. But he wasn’t. Felicia ran out of arrows but we’ve been back through our portal to get more supplies. I’m going to eat heaps and get some rest and then I’m heading right back out. Now I know there are other chickens here, I know Charlie is out there somewhere. I have to find him; I just have too.

Diary of a Minecrafting Steve – Herobrine and The Wall – Day 24


(Note: This short story is based on our ‘Diary Of A Minecraft Steve Series’. Click HERE to view these books on Amazon)

Click HERE to display the full story of “Herobrine and the Wall”. Scroll to the bottom for Day 1)

Day 24


Dear Diary

Hooray! Today I found two feathers, and Felicia found three. We think Charlie might have left us a trail. The only problem is these feathers didn’t seem to be heading anywhere. Felicia said chickens can live in the Nether and hatch from eggs, so it may not even be Charlie.

But I’m going to keep hoping it is and that if we keep going we’ll find more and eventually we’ll find our friends.

No sign of anything scary today either. There were some Ghasts but they never saw us. I did see one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. A Zombie Pigman. What a weird looking critter. Half pig, half zombie and they are actually quite peaceful. They don’t attack you unless they have a good reason, but if you hit one of them you get the whole bunch to deal with.

They hung around us a lot, but we managed to not accidentally hit them with anything. Felicia pointed out a few more things when we were in hiding behind a wall I’d built. Wither skeletons that can make your heart go black and there were things called Blazes. She also warned me about the Skeletons and Magma Cubes.

Diary, you know how scared I am of meeting up with the hostile mobs here, right? Almost as scared as meeting up with Herobrine. I just want to find my talking chicken friend and Friendly Creeper and get back to our city.

I really hope these feathers mean something, Diary. I hope to have Charlie back annoying me any day now. It’s been so boring and lonely without him. I really, really miss my friend and I know I need to tell him how much he means to me as soon as I can.

Diary of a Minecrafting Steve – Herobrine and The Wall – Day 23

(Note: This short story is based on our ‘Diary Of A Minecraft Steve Series’. Click HERE to view these books on Amazon)

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Day 23


Wooo! It’s awesome the way Felicia and I fought off all the Ghasts. Okay, Diary, it was mostly Felicia and her unreal arrow skills. I can’t count the amount of times she sent those fireballs right back at them. We also got to collect some amazing loot once it was safe to go out. Here’s how it went…

“Don’t move yet.” Felicia held me back by the arm.

“I think we’re on solid ground.”

“You need to look carefully. It might be a ledge.”

“Okay. I never thought of that.”

“Disable the portal.” Felicia took a step forward and another.

“Wait. Let’s check if this is a good place and I’ll build a wall to cover. We need to get some cobblestone through before we turn it off.” I really didn’t want to let the portal go out, Diary. It felt good knowing I could just go back.

“You’re right. I’m so scared, I don’t think my mind is working right.” Felicia let out a deep breath. “Anyway, it looks good here. But we’re too much in the open and that leaves us in danger of – ”

“Fireball coming from left!” My screaming the words interrupted Felicia but they never stopped her being as quick as a flash with her arrow. That fireball went right back to where it came from.

“Wow! That was amazing…”

“Build the wall! We don’t know how many Ghasts there are.”

“Right. I grabbed some cobblestone to start. I opened the chest we’d managed to lug through with us. I’d build around the portal to protect it and give up some shelter. The Nether had an eerie glow. There was enough light to see but I wouldn’t call it bright.

I did know there were glow stone bricks here and I’d like to collect some to take home after we find Charlie and FC.

“How’s it going, Felicia?”

“So far just the one Ghast. He must have been a random one floating about.”

“How did you know about shooting the arrow and sending the fireball back?”

“You can do it with anything if you get it in the right place, even your fist although I don’t recommend it. If you don’t hit it just right, it can be fatal. But you can use an axe.”

“You’ve been here before?”

She nodded. “I was stuck here for a long time.”

Poor Felicia, Diary. She must’ve been so scared. No wonder she’s such a brave person…I kept building. The sooner she felt safe the better.

“I’m going for a short look. See if I can spot anything.”

“Be careful, Felicia.”

“I will. I know what I’m doing.”

“As soon as this is done, I’ll bring through the rest of our supplies and weapons. Then I’ll disable the portal.”

“Sure. Keep an eye out for anything. Just call me if you’re worried.” Felicia offered her help as always.

“I will.” I meant that. I’d stopped trying to do everything for myself. Teamwork was the way to go, Diary.

It was only a couple of hours and Felicia and I sat in out fort and ate the food we’d brought through. We were both starving from all the work we’d done. The portal was turned off and though Felicia hadn’t found any signs of Charlie and FC, she thought we were in a pretty good place.

“I might go explore a little further.” I said to Felicia. Of course, she wasn’t letting me go out alone.

“I had hoped that Charlie would be close, if this portal came close to where he landed.” Felicia told me.

“I think he’d look for safe shelter so let’s hope he found one not too far from here.”

I wish we could communicate with something here. Surely a creeper isn’t something you see every day here in the Nether.

“Doubtful we’ll get that lucky. Let’s just go look. Charlie is clever, he’d have known you would come find him.” Felicia fixed her bow and arrows on her back.

“I’m happy to know he didn’t land in a lava lake or anything.”

“Me too.”

Well, Diary, we didn’t find much and we needed some sleep and more food. So we came back in for a rest. Tomorrow, we’ll be taking plenty of supplies and widening or search. We will find them. I just hope nothing scary finds us and especially not Herobrine.

Diary of a Minecrafting Steve – Herobrine and The Wall – Day 22

(Note: This short story is based on our ‘Diary Of A Minecraft Steve Series’. Click HERE to view these books on Amazon)

Click HERE to display the full story of “Herobrine and the Wall”. Scroll to the bottom for Day 1)

Day 22

This is it, Diary. The day is here. Just writing quick line just in case I don’t get back. I want everyone to know where I went. I am taking a diary with me but I’m leaving this one behind in case something happens and anyone ever comes looking to see where I’ve gone.

Hopefully, that someone won’t be Herobrine. No, I had better stop worrying about him. He would already know that I’d be going to the Nether to find my buddies and if he thinks he can come here and destroy anything while I’m gone, then my people might give him something to change his mind.

With this super wall, Iron Golems, our city army, and as much weaponry as any could possibly make, I know the city will protect itself very well. But then Herobrine is at home in the Nether, so perhaps it’s there he means to strike and do away with me for good.

Even though this could mean certain death, I still have to go because I can’t let Charlie and FC down.

They’ve been there for me through some of my worst times and all of my happiest times here in Minecraft world. This is why even if it means putting myself in danger, I am still going to find my friends.

I think I will take you with me, Diary. As a symbol that I am coming back, we’re all coming back together and I’ll get to continue on until your last page is filled. Then I’ll start a new diary again. Okay. Here we go. I will be writing in you again soon. I’ll try and update when we land in the Nether or I’ll write in once we’re somewhere safe and I have time. Wish us luck, Diary. I think we’re going to need it.

Day 22…Again


What a day. Felicia and I were pretty happy because the day started out so well. Our good day began when I’d finished writing in you this morning and I’d tucked you into my backpack.

Felicia came to tell me something that made my smile a mile wide across my face.

“Minecraft Steve! Guess what I’ve just been told about the Nether?”

I thought it must be good because Felicia looked very happy and I knew she was just as worried about Charlie and FC as I was. “What? Is it about Charlie and FC? Are they back?”

She shook her head. “No, but if you build a portal close to the one Herobrine wrecked, we have a good chance of landing in the same place they did.”

“Really? How?” This was very good news if it was true.

She nodded. “Yeah. I know you were going to build a hidden portal because of Herobrine…”

“That’s pointless because if he wants to find us in the Nether, he will. This might even be a trap to get us all there.”

Felicia wasn’t smiling now. “I thought of that too. What will we do, Minecraft Steve?”

“We forget about Herobrine and go find our friends. If Herobrine is coming, then he can face us all together.”

“I was hoping you’d say that.”

“Let’s go test out this theory. We’ll need to break the portal so nothing else comes through though. Last thing we need are lost city people wandering around to save, or a mob of skeletons.”

“We better build a wall around it then because we’ll probably need to come back through to get extra supplies.” Felicia made a good point.

Whatever we found in the Nether, we’d need cobblestone and there wasn’t any in the Nether, or so I’d been told. “Right. Let’s get started then. I’ll have the miners bring us some cobblestone. We can carry our bow and arrows through with us.”

“Let’s hope we land somewhere safer than a lava lake.” Felicia frowned for a second and then looked at me. “Have you ever been there before?”

I shook my head, Diary, because you know I’ve never, ever been brave enough to go there before. I always made up an excuse to others and to myself about why. I’m too busy. Someone else needs me. I have things to look after. But now? …now, I had to go. I couldn’t make any excuses and I didn’t want to.

Diary of a Minecrafting Steve – Herobrine and The Wall – Day 18

(Note: This short story is based on our ‘Diary Of A Minecraft Steve Series’)

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Day 18

Day 18

Dear Diary

I think today could be the worst day of my life because I lost my best friend. Charlie, he’s gone and I think I have a broken heart, and lots of anger, Diary. Lots. Here’s what happened.

(Oh, Diary, if I never write in you again you’ll know it’s because I went to search for Charlie in the Nether and never returned.)

FC came running up to me about midday yesterday. Everyone around me scattered because they thought he was going to explode. But I know FC would never do that.

“Minecraft Steve! Herobrine knows what you’re doing…and…”

“He’s here…” That was Herobrine who said that. He stood about fifty steps away and he had Charlie held up by the tail feathers.

We were just outside the wall. Herobrine’s white eyes glowed evil and his grin was not funny at all.

I’ve never been so scared in my life, Diary. Never. What was he going to do with Charlie? Felicia was beside me and I have no idea where FC had run to. All the people had moved to get back inside the City and behind the wall.

“So Minecraft Steve. You think you’re pretty good building a wall to protect your city like that? It’s not quite done yet, is it?” Behind him I could see a portal into the Nether. What did he build that there for?

“Herobrine, I’m not hurting you. Go away and leave us alone. We’re peaceful.”

Herobrine laughed his evil laugh. “Mwahahaha….NO.” He lifted Charlie up and down.

Felicia gripped her sword next to me. “Put the chicken down.”


“Don’t do anything to hurt Charlie, or I’ll – ”

“You’ll what? Hurt me? But you’re peaceful?”

I didn’t know what I was going to do, Diary. I really didn’t, but I know that Herobrine wanted to stop me finishing the wall. Charlie was wearing his small backpack that Felicia made him to carry food blocks to the farmed chickens each day. He said it made him feel useful to go there and place the blocks for them to eat when we were all busy.

Herobrine stepped to the side and behind him I could now see a portal into the Nether in full. Herobrine threw a squawking Charlie into the portal and I screamed at him to stop. But Charlie was gone. Next second FC seemed to come running out of nowhere and went right into the portal as well.

Heronbrine laughed and laughed. “You’d better leave your fancy wall and go find your talking chicken and that weird creeper.”

I was going to jump in and save them, Diary, I really was. But Felicia held my arm and told me not to go.

Then he smashed every last obsidian block and destroyed the portal. “Too slow.”

Then Herobrine ran into the forest laughing. “If you leave this city unprotected I will come and destroy it and everything in it.” He called back.

What was I supposed to do, Diary?

“I have to build a portal and go to the Nether.” I told Felicia.

“You need to finish the wall first, Minecraft Steve. He’s trying to get you away from here because he knows once it’s finished it’ll be the best thing ever built in Minecraft.”

“But Charlie and FC will die in the Nether.”

“Trust them, Minecraft Steve. FC will help him. Charlie can build a shelter and they’ll find some light. He has food blocks. Finish the wall. We’ll all work twice as hard to help you. Make sure everything is secure and then we’ll go and find them.”

“What if they went through into a lava pool or something?”

“Then we can’t help that anyway and it’s no point leaving all this work and having the city and people destroyed as well while you go and find out. A portal now could take you anywhere in the Nether and you’ll have to search for them.”

“Okay. You’re right.” She was right, Diary, but again I didn’t have to like it.

“Charlie wouldn’t want you to put the whole city in danger just to save him. He’s not a selfish chicken. Trust that they can keep themselves alive long enough for us to get there.”

So, Diary, here I am scared silly that Charlie and FC are hurt or worse. But I just need one more day for the wall to be completed and all the protection elements will be in place, with guards, Iron Golems, and the people all looking out for each other.

Diary, as soon as I can, I am going to the Nether and I’m bringing Charlie and FC home…I hope I’m back with great news soon. Bye Diary. I hope not forever.

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