Diary of a Minecrafting Steve – Herobrine and The Wall – Day 21

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Day 21


Dear Diary

I don’t think I’ve had a worse 2 days in my life. Worrying about Charlie and FC in the Nether with no protection is all I’ve done. No, not all, Diary. You’ll be pleased that I didn’t do what I did before and give up. I turned to Felicia and the people of the city for help and we finished the wall.

I know I shouldn’t feel so happy because my 2 friends may be gone forever because of me, but this wall is amazing. It’s not just the wall, it’s because we all did it together. Even when things went a little wrong, we managed to get through and make it happen. I’m very proud of the city people. There’s seriously no way any mobs can spawn anywhere inside the walls or get past this wall.

As a huge team, we’ve done an amazing job. The people still say they could not do it all without me because I came up with the idea and have designed the whole thing. I’ve worked hard every minute that I could and I didn’t take any shortcuts. I have learned that doing something really well the first time is the best way to go. Then I hardly ever have to spend more time later to fix it up.

I need sleep now, Diary.

Diary of a Minecrafting Steve – Herobrine and The Wall – Day 18

(Note: This short story is based on our ‘Diary Of A Minecraft Steve Series’)

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Day 18

Day 18

Dear Diary

I think today could be the worst day of my life because I lost my best friend. Charlie, he’s gone and I think I have a broken heart, and lots of anger, Diary. Lots. Here’s what happened.

(Oh, Diary, if I never write in you again you’ll know it’s because I went to search for Charlie in the Nether and never returned.)

FC came running up to me about midday yesterday. Everyone around me scattered because they thought he was going to explode. But I know FC would never do that.

“Minecraft Steve! Herobrine knows what you’re doing…and…”

“He’s here…” That was Herobrine who said that. He stood about fifty steps away and he had Charlie held up by the tail feathers.

We were just outside the wall. Herobrine’s white eyes glowed evil and his grin was not funny at all.

I’ve never been so scared in my life, Diary. Never. What was he going to do with Charlie? Felicia was beside me and I have no idea where FC had run to. All the people had moved to get back inside the City and behind the wall.

“So Minecraft Steve. You think you’re pretty good building a wall to protect your city like that? It’s not quite done yet, is it?” Behind him I could see a portal into the Nether. What did he build that there for?

“Herobrine, I’m not hurting you. Go away and leave us alone. We’re peaceful.”

Herobrine laughed his evil laugh. “Mwahahaha….NO.” He lifted Charlie up and down.

Felicia gripped her sword next to me. “Put the chicken down.”


“Don’t do anything to hurt Charlie, or I’ll – ”

“You’ll what? Hurt me? But you’re peaceful?”

I didn’t know what I was going to do, Diary. I really didn’t, but I know that Herobrine wanted to stop me finishing the wall. Charlie was wearing his small backpack that Felicia made him to carry food blocks to the farmed chickens each day. He said it made him feel useful to go there and place the blocks for them to eat when we were all busy.

Herobrine stepped to the side and behind him I could now see a portal into the Nether in full. Herobrine threw a squawking Charlie into the portal and I screamed at him to stop. But Charlie was gone. Next second FC seemed to come running out of nowhere and went right into the portal as well.

Heronbrine laughed and laughed. “You’d better leave your fancy wall and go find your talking chicken and that weird creeper.”

I was going to jump in and save them, Diary, I really was. But Felicia held my arm and told me not to go.

Then he smashed every last obsidian block and destroyed the portal. “Too slow.”

Then Herobrine ran into the forest laughing. “If you leave this city unprotected I will come and destroy it and everything in it.” He called back.

What was I supposed to do, Diary?

“I have to build a portal and go to the Nether.” I told Felicia.

“You need to finish the wall first, Minecraft Steve. He’s trying to get you away from here because he knows once it’s finished it’ll be the best thing ever built in Minecraft.”

“But Charlie and FC will die in the Nether.”

“Trust them, Minecraft Steve. FC will help him. Charlie can build a shelter and they’ll find some light. He has food blocks. Finish the wall. We’ll all work twice as hard to help you. Make sure everything is secure and then we’ll go and find them.”

“What if they went through into a lava pool or something?”

“Then we can’t help that anyway and it’s no point leaving all this work and having the city and people destroyed as well while you go and find out. A portal now could take you anywhere in the Nether and you’ll have to search for them.”

“Okay. You’re right.” She was right, Diary, but again I didn’t have to like it.

“Charlie wouldn’t want you to put the whole city in danger just to save him. He’s not a selfish chicken. Trust that they can keep themselves alive long enough for us to get there.”

So, Diary, here I am scared silly that Charlie and FC are hurt or worse. But I just need one more day for the wall to be completed and all the protection elements will be in place, with guards, Iron Golems, and the people all looking out for each other.

Diary, as soon as I can, I am going to the Nether and I’m bringing Charlie and FC home…I hope I’m back with great news soon. Bye Diary. I hope not forever.

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Diary of a Minecrafting Steve – Herobrine and The Wall – Day 15

(Note: This short story is based on our ‘Diary Of A Minecraft Steve Series’)

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Day 15

Dear Diary

I’m here to make a quick update, Diary. We’ve done it, at last. With four days’ work, the last layer of cobblestone is going on today and then I’ll be inspecting the whole thing and placing torches around the top. The light will keep us safe from the bad mobs that try to get into the city.

This is very exciting, Diary, and the people in the city are all very happy. We’ve made and put in huge iron gates and doors. There’s even quite a few more Iron Golems now to protect the people and their children. Once this wall is done, Diary, the city will be the best. I gotta go FC says Herobrine and Notch are close to finishing their challenge.

I don’t doubt he’ll be coming straight here, Diary. See ya.

Day 15 – 2

Dear Diary

I’m writing this in before I go out and get all the torches in place around the top of the wall. It’s an awesome structure. The best thing I’ve ever built here. It’s the thing I’m proudest of, along with the mine.

We really need a moat too, just to make it harder to cross or to make it harder to tunnel under. Going under is our biggest threat, but someone would really have to want to get in badly to do that. I can only think of one person who would consider doing that.

Okay, Diary. Felicia and I are going to get the final checks on the wall and torches done today. Better get going before she’s calling me.

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Diary of a Minecrafting Steve – Herobrine and The Wall – Day 11

(Note: This short story is based on our ‘Diary Of A Minecraft Steve Series’)

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Day 11

Day 11

Dear Diary

I can’t believe it’s been three whole days since I’ve written anything. Things have happened so fast. We have a half of the city now working the mine into an open cut to avoid cave-ins and also carting the cobblestone, iron, coal and anything else back to the city to be made into all sorts of things. No diamonds yet but you never know.

I had to come and let you know, and as a reminder to myself, how great this feels, that we made our first fifty bricks of Obsidian today and laid our first foundation stones for the wall. The loudest cheer I’ve ever heard and a bunch of the guys put me up on their shoulders and marched me around.

It’s them doing most of the work and that is creating more work and the city is getting richer and richer. So many people have come and told me that being a part of protecting what’s theirs and share in the work has made them the happiest they’ve ever been

Diary, why didn’t I see this before? Why didn’t I see what was right before my eyes? I was so worried about them not being capable of looking after themselves that I never gave them the chance to do it.

They’ve organized themselves into shifts of watches during the day and nights, and even I feel safer. Yes, Diary, I think I was a little annoyed that the city might actually be able to survive without me. It made me feel a little less special for a short time. But I’m over that now.

The only way Herobrine will be able to get into this city will be by tunneling under the wall. He’d better be fast because I’m planning to pave inside the city grounds with Obsidian as well.

No one has been hurt and everyone is following the directions to be safe. I’m very proud of the city people, Diary. I’m also very proud of Charlie and Felicia and of FC who brings news back of Herobrine and Notch who are in a building war clear across the realm.

At this rate, with all these workers, we’ll have the wall built in another two weeks, then we can put on the overhang blocks along the top, the torches and make the steel doors and gates. After a rest week, we’ll get to work digging a wide moat. Then none of the mobs can get in if they come. Not one.

Only Herobrine and we might put a stop to him as well. It feels pretty good, Diary. Pretty good, for sure. I hope I can get back to write in you soon, and I hope it’s to tell exciting news of how we’re going and not about anything bad happening.

Even Charlie the talking chicken was being so clever and organizing groups to make sure everything ran smoothly and everyone who wasn’t working on the wall somehow still had things to do.

He kept the farmers going and made sure there was enough food for the city, and he even learned how to build a small shelter himself. I’ve never seen Charlie so proud. Also he’d come up with a great idea for feeding the farmed chickens making the trek around the chicken farms less often.

What he did was make…well, Diary he worked out how it could be done and asked someone with arms for help…solid food blocks packed with wheat and seeds. They lasted the chickens longer which left people more time to spend looking after the city and working on the wall with me.

I didn’t realize how clever Charlie is and now I feel bad about making him feel useless. I guess everything has its usefulness, Diary. We just have to find the thing they are good at and give them a little help. Right, I have to get some sleep because we’re laying Obsidian three blocks high all the way around tomorrow and we’re not stopping until it’s done.

Then it’s time for getting the cobblestone up high *yawn*….so tired, Diary. I’m out for now.

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Diary of a Minecrafting Steve – Herobrine and The Wall – Day 5

(Note: This short story is based on our ‘Diary Of A Minecraft Steve Series’)

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Day 5

Day 5

Dear Diary

Nothing to report for yesterday. I was so tired last night and we’re back closer to the city again, I just fell asleep. So I’m sorry I didn’t tell you all about our long trek and that I think we’ve found the perfect place to start the mine. It’s all good news so far, there’s water from a stream and the edge of the city is in sight.

We’re behind the city here and I’ve had reports sent through from the Mayor that everything is peaceful. FC has left us to go and find out what he can about Herobrine and I’m going to start building the mine downwards through the stone. I hoped there was a lot of it because I needed plenty of cobblestone. I hope even more, Diary, that there is lava beneath and not too far down.

If there isn’t lava then I can’t make the Obsidian and I need the lower three bricks of my wall to be made from that, and I have a lot of wall to do. What am I thinking, Diary? I can’t do all this on my own. Even with the help of Felicia, an excellent builder herself, and the help of a talking chicken and FC, there’s no way this fence will be done before Herobrine gets the chance to destroy it on me.

I’m fighting a losing battle and I should just give up right now. I think I will. I’ll stay in the city and build some underground chambers everyone can flee into and lock when trouble comes.

I don’t know why I feel this way, Diary, and I wouldn’t admit it to anyone else, but the longer Herobrine doesn’t show up, the more nervous I get that he isn’t far away. And I think he’s going to be angrier and more damaging than ever.

He could be out there right now watching and waiting to ruin everything. It was like I could feel his white, evil eyes on me every minute. It’s no point even starting. I’ll pack up my gear and head back to the city. Sorry, Diary, I promised you an adventure but it’s not going to happen.

I know everyone believes I can build anything I decide to, but I know I can’t. I’ll have to look at other ways to take care of the city because I’m just not good enough to do this.

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Diary of a Minecrafting Steve – Herobrine and The Wall – Day 3

(Note: This short story is based on our ‘Diary Of A Minecraft Steve Series’)

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Day 3

Day 3

Dear Diary

Ow, my legs are about to drop off. We haven’t walked that far from the city but we’ve walked up hills and down valleys following the streams and rivers. I don’t think I’ve ever walked so far and Charlie had to be carried half of the way.

He did a lot of complaining but Felicia kept a smiling face and made us laugh a lot. When Friendly Creeper turned up Charlie laughed a lot more with him.

Diary, I think they have a special bond because they are both from Minecraft land and both a little different to how they’re meant to be. Chickens shouldn’t talk like we do and Creepers definitely shouldn’t be friendly to anyone or anything.

I built us three tents with Felicia’s help and I’d brought stuff to make torches for each of us. Our packs were full and we knew with plenty of light and a creeper to scare things off, we should be safe tonight. I hope so, Diary, because my heart is pounding from more than the exercise.

If Herobrine turned up while we were here alone I wasn’t sure what he’d do. Diary, you know what I mean. I’ve heard he can be dangerous and not just wreck things. Now, I can’t stop yawning. We’re all keeping torches in our tents and we’ll get up as soon as day breaks. Goodnight Diary.

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Diary of a Minecrafting Steve – Herobrine and The Wall – Day 2

(Note: This short story is based on our ‘Diary Of A Minecraft Steve Series’)

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Day 2


I’m back. I was going to write in last night but we were so busy planning our next adventure, it was too late and I fell right to sleep. Well, Diary, we’re off to find a place to mine rock for cobblestone and I hope we can get deep enough to find lava and make obsidian.

Here’s how the conversation went.

“Charlie, let’s go find enough obsidian to build a great fortress for the city.” I said.


“Felicia? Will you come along? I want to make sure there’s enough protection for if I’m not around here all the time.”

“Are you thinking of moving on and starting a new village? “Felicia looked suspicious.

But I’m not thinking of doing that, am I, Diary? I don’t think so, not yet anyway.

“I bet you are.” Charlie always had an opinion.

“I want to make sure I take care of the people as much as I can. They look up to me. I want to make them happy.”

Charlie didn’t look excited about the idea. “I’ll stay here and look after them while you go find a good place to mine.”


“Friendly Creeper will help me here. I can be protective when I want.” Charlie sounded a little hurt that I didn’t think he could be that helpful.

“I’ve been thinking about this since the last time Herobrine destroyed my buildings, first by disguising himself as a Mooshroom and taking out my support beams, and then by getting creepers in to explode inside and destroy my work. This city needs to be safer.”

“Safer would be good. Herobrine will come and do stuff whenever he wants otherwise.” Felicia agreed with me at least. “Last week I heard he’d been in a new village. All their flowers were stomped on and broken and he’d burned all the trees.”

“C’mon, Charlie. Come with me. I need your help.” I gave Charlie my best begging eyes look. I really wanted to have Charlie where Felicia and I could take care of him. Chickens aren’t exactly fighting machines.

“I’m not much use for anything so you think” Charlie answered.

“I like your company and you’re fun to have around.” I tried a new way to convince him.

“Of course we’ll come.” Felicia pushed Charlie.

“Stop being a chicken.” I said to him and began clucking and flapping my arms about like I used to do to my friends who were scared to take a dare.

Charlie rolled his eyes. “You are so NOT funny.”

Then all three of us laughed.

So that was how it happened, Diary, and I’m so excited. I’ll finally be off doing something and not just sitting here waiting for Herobrine to turn up and ruin things. It’s been almost a month and he hasn’t been back but I know he’s just trying to make me sweat.

We’re leaving in the dark and I have people who’ll pretend I’m home doing the normal things with my buddies. I need to mine down to lava. So some water would be good too because putting that on the lava carefully will make Obsidian. I’ll mine the rock for cobblestone and try and get down to the lava.

It isn’t easy, and the lava could set us on fire, so we need to be very careful. Then there’s finding a way to get all that cobblestone back near the city. This was almost impossible to do for two people and a talking chicken, but I’m Minecraft Steve, the best builder here and I have to try.

Don’t worry, I’m taking you Diary. I don’t want to forget a thing about this adventure so I’ll need you around every day.

I’m so excited, and a little bit scared. Alright, a lot scared because if Herobrine finds out I’m gone, he’s sure to come on the attack and try to destroy my city.

Sometimes you have to take a chance to make things better. Talk soon, Diary. There’s a heap to do.

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Diary of a Minecrafting Steve – Herobrine and The Wall – Day 1

(Note: This short story is based on our ‘Diary Of A Minecraft Steve Series’)

Day 1

Minecraft Steve writing in his diary.

Dear Diary

I did it, Diary. I finished the last diary and here we are all fresh and new again. Yay! I hope that means a lot of good stuff happening, and I also hope, as only you know, Diary, that Herobrine finds someone else to occupy his evil time.

I don’t think he will give up on me that easily. I guess it’s great that everyone still thinks I’m the best builder and the hero guy around here, but honestly, I’m not sure I’m enjoying the fame anymore.

I mean, how are they going to protect themselves if I’m not around? This worries me. Anything might attack, Endermen, Creepers, Spiders, Skeletons, and Zombies. Minecraft is a pretty cool place but there’s a lot to be afraid of here too.

I’m always thinking about all the things that could happen, Diary. I know that each time things turn out fine and it’s silly to let things get to me, but what if I can’t fix it all one day?

I can’t take care of everyone all the time, right? Besides, it does get a little boring. Okay, I admitted it. It’s boring being the hero and protector when nothing happens. I’m not perfect, okay?

Diary, you know I can’t let my friends know this. You’re the only one I can tell.

Sorry Diary, I’ll be back later with something happy. I can hear Charlie and Felicia talking outside. It still makes me smile to have a talking chicken as a friend. Charlie is mostly cool.

I’m lucky to also have Felicia here, it’s always nice to have another human builder around who understands the pressures and the awesomeness of the Minecraft world. I better go see what they’re up to for the day. I’ll get back as soon as I can. I have a feeling that today is going to bring a few surprises.

I’m having a few ideas about how I can protect this city more when I’m not here but I’ll have to go and ask a few questions first because I’ll need a lot of cobblestone and quite a bit of obsidian and that isn’t easy to get. I need to go just out of the city and find a good place to start a mine. I hope Charlie and Felicia want to come and help me.

Talk soon, Diary.

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